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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  November 3, 2014 4:00am-5:01am EST

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well, all can't be too bad if nothing real bad happened overnight which writes we're leading with philadelphia's favorite pastime, and, we're talking football the day after. this is philadelphia can't be all good news either because a win can't come without worry or complaints since it is philly. and, two big injuries, steve, thanks very much. fears of ebola hit closer to home where some local residents are being monitored for the deadly virus. you'll want to bundle up. our you serio checking in on windy weather yet again. >> it may not be as windy as why it but still to have hold on to hair hat today. we will tell you how cold it is and when everything will calm down in your weather authority forecast, kerry.
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outpouring of emotion after brittany maynard takes her own life, many wondered if he was having second thoughts of the a is ted suicide and the reaction this is going on get on line and why maynard had to say right before he passed away. good day, it is monday, november 3rd, 2014. >> thanks for being with us. >> yes. >> it was so windy over the weekend good crazy. >> debris every where. who needed a yard blower. >> yes. >> leaf blower. >> a yard blower. >> a leaf blower. >> you can tell i use those every day. >> yeah, ours is broken. at least that is story i'm hearing. mother nature took care of it for us over the weekend and we are off to a are chilly start. we have a freeze warning for lancaster county, until 8:00 a.m. so, keep that in mind. we have satellite a rain air picture that shows hardly a cloud in the sky and that is why it is on the chilly side this morning. our low pressure system the nor'easter from the weekend
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somehow we escaped the snow that they got in boston, and south carolina, but that has moved out to the northwest. we are looking at two days ago, when it was snowing in south carolina and not here. we ended up with rain on at day. there was a lot of it but at least it was just rain. thirty-eight in philadelphia. it is a chilly start to the day. forty in wilmington. forty-five in wildwood. winds are 9 miles an hour. they have calmed down a little bit. they will will go up after sunrise. wind gusts, nothing of note, at the moment. so, as we look a head to the rest of your monday we will get to a high of 58 degrees. the mostly sunny skies. still breezy. we spending gusts to kick up to 25 miles an hour instead on have 40 miles an hour which is what we had over the weekend. well, he came back for more, rate is and gentlemen, bob kelly is here with traffic. >> sue, good morning w all that wind over weekend any leaves that were left on the trees are certainly down on the ground this morning. rain over weekend things could
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be slippery with the wet leaves in the neighborhood. right now we will begin on the schuylkill expressway no problems at all coming from king of prussia in and out of the city. we are looking live right there near university. for gang in south jersey, 295 on the ramps to from 295 to the delaware memorial bridge watch for construction with lane restriction this is morning. as we put maps in motion there heading towards that delaware memorial bridge. heading in toward new jersey this morning, just watch out for a little bit of the slow down. otherwise south on the pennsylvania turnpike, actually new jersey turnpike right here near exit number six the connection bridge crews are still out there working. we are in good shape. speedometer read as cross the board, 55, no problems at all, ben franklin looking good, patco high speed line off to a good start and so far so good on the buses, trains and will trolleys for septa on this monday morning. kerry, back over to you. 4:03. crews called to the house fire overnight in philadelphia it fire broke out in the 2200 block, around 11:30. it was under control in 20
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minutes. one person was taken to the hospital n word on their condition or what caused this fire. also new, trenton's health directors say a full of resident air monk a group being monitored for ebola according to health officials say most traveled to west africa but they are considered at low risk for the virus at this point. so last week new jersey state department reported about 100 people in the state are being monitored but no one mass become sick with that virus. charges upgraded for a delaware man accused of beating a pregnant woman to death. ferdinand a flores is charged with manslaughter and what police are calling a domestic dispute turned deadly. at salt happened october 19th on the 800 block of samantha circle until bear, delaware. police found the victim 21 year-old paoli delgado powe planning co unconscious. she was taken to the hospital where she held on for ten days but she died last wednesday. her baby was delivered, and is in critical condition.
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time right now is 40:00 56789 a happening today jury selection begins in the civil trial against a former u penn professor who killed his wife. family of victim ellen gregory rob is seeking compensation and punitive damages for rafael rob, who pleaded guilty to manslaughter in 2007 after prosecutors say that he beat his wife to death. he is serving a five to ten year prison eventens for his wife's death. first employees of the one world trade center are beginning to move in today. >> this is an important milestone have after eight years of political and financial and legal fighting, threatened to derail this project, the publishing company will be the first tenant according to the publisher, 170 employees are expect to move in today. thinks first of the series have moves which will not be completed until february of next year, at 104 stories, one world trade center is america's tallest building. 4:06. tomorrow, america heads to the
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poles for midterm elections and in pennsylvania pennsylvania voters are electing a new governor. >> over the weekend each candidate called out top member of their party for a last minute push. for tom wolf that meant president obama. governor corbett learn he would have another governor, lead them, another governor, i should say, jennifer joyce is live on this. hi, jen. >> reporter: that is right, two heavy hitters in town yesterday, hoping to impact tomorrow's election, president barack obama touched down in philadelphia, to campaign with tom wolf, one final push before people head to the polls. obama and wolf had an event at temple university. the democratic candidate is hoping to beat out tom corbett, it is predicted there will be lower voter turnout then in previous elections. the president said tom wolf will benefit, the state of benefit with plans to improve schools and keep the local economy moving in the right direction. >> here's the thing you know about tom, he doesn't care you
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are republican or democrat, as long as it works. he is a practical person who just want to make it work for the people of pennsylvania. so he knows, for example, that education is the key not just to economic growth but also to personal advancement in a modern economy. he is not going to run on a agenda of slashing budgets for schools or laying off thousands of teachers. knows teachers matter. >> reporter: republican governor tom corbett also had a big day yesterday, campaigning, with some help from new jersey governor chris christie, throughout the pennsylvania suburbs. this event was held in ivyland bucks county, christie says the governor has done a lot for the state in terms of jobs and affordable taxes and asked people of pennsylvania to return the favor by reelecting him as governor. >> for four years he has work on lowering taxes, up creasing
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jobs and opportunity making pennsylvania a a more prosperous place, improving an education system that needed improvement. he has work on all. that you have been able to count on him every day to do that for the last four years. now in these last two days i'm asking you, i'm asking you to let him count on you. to let him count you to do what needs to be done. >> reporter: lots of momentum going in to tomorrow's election, obama and christie urging people to get out to the polls and vote. kerry and chris. >> okay, jennifer joyce, thanks very much. you get sick are and sicker. >> that girl, brittany maynard, terminally ill woman who renewed a nationwide debate about physician assisted suicide has died. doctors told maynard she had six months to live last spring after she was diagnosed with a
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brain cancer. >> of course, she made headlines when she a announced her intention to die under oregon's death with dignity act. at the beginning of the last month she launched a rid ohio cam patient with compassionate choices. it is an end of life choice an ad ohio castcy organization to fight for spanned death with dignity laws nationwide. she wand todd end her life on her own terms and she planned to die november 1st. well, after hinting at a possible delay last week she did end her life on saturday as plan. spokesmen for add row castcy group said she died peacefully in her home surrounded by loved ones. in a final message she wrote good bye to all my dear friend and family that i love, today is the the day i have chosen to pass away with dignity in the face have my terminal illness a terrible brain cancer that has had taken so much from me but would have taken so much more. maynard was 29 years old. okay. coming up on 4:10 on this
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monday morning eagles back in first place in the nfc east after a big win in houston over the texans. >> that is true but bird lost two players to injuries and that, of course, is including nick foles. >> yes, deme co ryans the the other one on defense. a lot of questions, steve keeley, about the playing surface there in houston after ryans had a non-contact injury. we lose one of our best defensive players. >> reporter: my only question is why isn't this the lead story, no one cares about republicans and verse democrat but it is foles verse sanchez as the debate here. what is going to be better for the eagles. they don't really have a chest right now, it will be mark sanchez. lets go to the bad highlight, which is a a low light, and chris, everybody is saying that the turf had nothing to do with demeco ryans injury, he even admitted that but that turf is just bad luck for everybody. a a apparently that plays on it because it is in that
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whacky texas. nick foles took a good hit. it wasn't soft enough for him. he is new out, who now, they will have have more test coming up, but he is out at least a month, maybe two months. we will see. now we are stuck with mark sanchez. question is is that a good stuck or a bad stuck. >> i know mark did a really good job. one interception was tipped. the other one riley got spun around. besides that he had a good command of what we were doing instant day one here, you know what type of professional he is. he is in early. takes copious notes. he is a real positional. i said since day one you better have two quarterbacks in this league and we were fortunate that mark was able to come in and we didn't miss a beat. >> we have had guys go down. i go down, david moke comes in. today todd herremans goes down, and andrew gardener goes
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in. and, mark sanchez goes in for nick. deme co ryans go out. that is the mo. that is the culture that we build that everybody knows they have a role to fulfill and when they have an opportunity to play or thrust into that position, we expect them to succeed and play well. >> reporter: so, mark sanchez era is underway here in philadelphia. chris and kerry, just this know aaron rodgers, probably toughest and best quarterback in football had the aim exact your last year and he was out, seven weeks. let's gauge aaron rodgers since he was best, expect foles out seven weeks. at the end of those seven weeks is an chest playing too good to put foles back in or is is he not in because he is hurt or is he just playing terrible and can't wait for nick foles to get a whole lot better we will see what happens. big daddy graham coming up a at 5:00 o'clock hour. thanks very much. three girls are victim of the traj being hit and run on halloween and, police are
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releasing new details into what happened and who they put behind bars. did you know there is a way you can make money on your left over halloween goods. .here to find out how to turn
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it is 4:15. i should say that it is 4:15. did you change your clocks, yesterday, hopefully, it is the time it is supposed to be
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and you are watching at the proper time. we've got some of the peak wind gusts of yesterday which was pretty dramatic. 50 miles an hour wind gustness cape may, new jersey. that is tropical storm force, 50 in bushkill township up in pocono mountains. smyrna dell will wear close to 50 miles an hour. we had a 48 miles an hour wind gust recorded in philadelphia. it was windy. now today we have high pressure building in. is there our nor'easter from the weekend. they are still close enough together that we will get a few gusty breezes today but nothing like what we had over the weekend. we will look into the future cast for our next chance of rain. it isn't until late wednesday night into thursday so get ready for a decent couple of days ahead. today's high 58 degrees, breezy instead of windy and then tonight we are down in the 40's with cloudy skies. it will be a little bit on the chilly side. so that is what we got today and tonight we're working on that seven day forecast and we will have tonight a few minutes, bob kelly, what sit
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like. >> it is chilly but you're right as far as changing clocks back, it was crazy, i had to figure out how to change the clock on the microwave, the oven range, some of the digital clocks, my daughter figured out how to change the clock in the car yesterday but the good news for the kids, it is that it will be light they are morning waiting on the bus stop. coming up in a couple of hours. good morning, to cherry hill new jersey. route 07 at haddonfield road. we have a lot have cool new jersey cameras that we will be able to show you here each and every morning. we have i-95 down through wilmington at 202 off ramp. watch for construction as part of the widening project there on i-95 as you work your way to and from wilmington. no problems on 49 a five working your waste up towards delaware county. construction project with the on ramp at arm and hammer boulevard closed. just off of route 422. up and down new jersey majors we are in good shape. mass transit running with in delays, kerry, running with no
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delays. there won't be a strike. septa a and its union reached a tentative deal over the weekend so our buses, trains, trolleys will continue to roll role. the transport workers union local 234 reached a two year agreement. they are not release willing any details of the deal but septa says it is fair to the employees, customers and taxpayers. ratification vote will be held sometime this week. state police are testing a rivalry covered at an abandoned airport hanger to see fit is the weapon in fact used to kill a fellow trooper. eric frein was captured on thursday near that hanger following a seven week manhunt. he is a accused of ambushing two state troopers outside pike county police barracks. one was kill, other wounded, he is charged with first degree murder. prosecutors tried to seek the death penalty. 4:18. canadian war planes launch their first air strikes in connection with the u.s. led bombing campaign begins isis in iraq. two fighter jets attacked target near fallujah and returned to the base in kuwait
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according to the canada's defense ministry. they are involve with the coalition. is is is blamed for a dead lay tack that killed dozens of sunni tribe men, women and children. militant targeted the anbar province in iraq, that areas seen as a key battle ground for control of the iraq. at least 50 people were killed after victims were lined up and shot. the killing spree follows other mass murders biasis in the pennsylvania past few days. lets look at your national headlines, and we are learning, we thought that this was interesting, ferguson, missouri police requested no fly zones to keep media away during protest that followed michael brown's death a cording to the ap , the u.s. government agreed to restrict more than 37 square miles of air space for 12 days, in the month of august, for safety reasons, but recordings show that authorities privately said that they wanted to keep news helicopters a away. brown who was unarmed was killed by a ferguson police officer. grand jury is trying to
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deciding whether that officer will be charged with anything. in california, multiple rest have been made in the hit and run deaths of three teenage girls trick or treating on halloween. authorities in santa ana said they have made several arrest but will least lease more details at a news conference later today. police say a driver and another person, took off from the scene of the crash friday night. damaged black honda suv was found a short distance from where that happened. the victims have been identified as 13 year-old twins, lexi and and alexandria perez and andrea gonzales. they were wearing, dark colored costumes when they were hit. three days after halloween, many of you parents are trying to figure out how to get rid of your kids candy cash. >> my kids giant bags of stuff a cross the country dentists are offering to take it off your hand, all for a good cause. it is had halloween candy buy back program. 3,000 dentists are participating in this. candy is collected and then
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shipped to troops over ease sees. local dentists are part of the exchange program. just check the halloween candy buy back program on line to find one near you. and an unbelievable moment for a famous dare devil and if you think this is impressive, wait until you hear what he plans to do next. who would leave a house worth $300,000 looking like this. >> it is beyond sanity. >> we thought the same thing, we tracked down the owners, i'm not allowed to make any comments. >> fox 29 investigates why it has taken a decade to make this neighborhood
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good morning, i'm howard eskin. eagles loss deme co ryans and nick foles to injure on sunday but they also got their sixth win of the season. lets go to houston. how about those texans they beat them. now on this play in the first quarter broken clavicle, he is out for at least six weeks, could be the season but mark sanchez comes in. mark sanchez two touchdown pass toes jordan matthews. eagles win 31 -21. sanchez felt confident an and loves the chip kelly offense. >> i felt good. i enjoyed it. i saw it early in the preseason. i felt good. we can push the pace like that, that is my favorite. so, we will see how it goes. >> demeco ryans is out for the
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season and that is a big loss on defense. next week eagles play carolina, that is on monday night and that is here and eagles are already a five and a half point favorite. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. all right. 4:25 right now. a a wild brawl on the tracks during the sprint cup, did you see that. >> i have not seen it, but we will roll video right now of the two former champs, yes, jeff gordon let out his frustration on brass kes how ski going after him on pit road, we will tell but the brawl between all this, gordon was racing for the the lead in the green white checkered restart when he slammed into him cutting his left rear tire causing him to spin out. they suffered cuts in their faces. >> dare devil nick wallenda just pulled off first of two sky scraper sky scraper walks in chicago. the 35 year-old dare devil walk uphill at a 19-degree
4:26 am
angle from the marina city west tour to the top of the building on the other side of the river. next he will walk blindfolded between the two marina city towers. he is performing these walks, by the way, without a net or a hardness. his previous feat including high wire walks over niagara walls and little colorado river gorge. >> new details pouring in after an experimental spaceship broke apart in flight in california, what investigators say happened and why this could have a serious i am pennsylvania pack on space travel. and guy giving out candy on halloween discovers his wheelchair is stolen but then our fox 29 viewers stepping in, heart warming ending for a
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throughout pennsylvania, we will decide who will be the next governor. both candidates pulling out stops from last minute campaigning but with president obama coming to town he had an issue with his plane. what happened. climate change being blamed on you, and now the u.n. is issuing a dire warning what they say needs to go, right now. i didn't expect a response like this, he really didn't. and neither did we. local guy whose wheelchair stolen but luckily for him our viewers saw the story, you guys and you immediately got to work. how you stepped up to make him mobile once again. we have the best viewers in the world.
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>> yes, we do good thanks for being one of them. good day, it is monday, november 3rd, 2014. >> it is indeed. do you know what i was thinking looking at the calendar last friday was only a few weeks away. >> that is nuts. >> i'm flipping over can day and it is like wow, right there, it is upon us, sue. >> what is on your wish list. >> i'm in my i'm hosting thanksgiving and i'm not enclose to being red and i will not be in that mode. something about seeing november on the calendar you are right, kerry, it is panic inn tuesdaying. but lets get you led i for the morning because it is a chilly one out there, freeze warning for lancaster county. temperatures in the 30's just about every where. 38 degrees here in the city, just a degree above freezing in mount pocono and allentown. 40 degrees in wilmington. forty-five in wildwood. forty-five is the mild spot this morning. wind have calmed down since yesterday.
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a after sunrise they may pick up a little bit but won't be as windy a as it was on sunday. satellite and radar showing nothing, no precipitation, with no precipitation the next couple days. nor'easter from the weekend which spared us some snow, has moved up to the state of maine. check out your sunrise time at 6:32 this morning. sunrise will be earlier, of course, down side of that is it gets dark earlier as well. so we had 52 degrees on saturday. 49 degrees on sunday. big chilly change and today we will expect a high of 58. sunny skies, still breezy, but not as windy. that takes care of your first machine of november, bob kelly. >> good morning. did you notice sue says she's hosting thanksgiving gang. put that in your phone for thanksgiving. i didn't know where i was going to go for thanksgiving. >> move over. >> what should you bring, sue good turkey. >> everything. >> good morning, 4:31. happy monday, live look at
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moorestown, new jersey. church and maine as we begin our trip out of the neighborhood. watch all those leaves that fell down over weekend are all mathed down on top of the road surfaces specially in the neighborhood. look out for that, rolling from your parking spot out to the major roadways this morning. repaving the roosevelt boulevard, moving up and into the northeast. watch for inner drive blocked along the way. or wise we're in good shape, schuylkill, i-95 and 476, your travel times right where they should be. coming in over ben franklin bridge, crazy over the week went these high winds across all the of the bridges but we're in good shape. no problems on patco. no septa strike. buses trains and trolleys are running with no reported delays. chris and kerry back over to you. overnight fire in philadelphia sends one person to the hospital, fire broke out in the 2200 block of north camac street around 11:30 and placed under control in 20 minutes. one person was taken to temple hospital. that person's condition at this point is unknown.
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and we have no word on what cause that had fire. tomorrow america heads to the polls for midterm elections and in pennsylvania voters will elect their governor. >> over the weekend each candidate called out top members of the party for a last minute push and for tom wolf that meant president obama who made a stop at temple university. fox 29's jennifer joyce is live with more on this, hi jen. >> reporter: that is right, two big visits yesterday. voter turnout for pennsylvania elections tomorrow is expect to be lower than previous midterm elections. the so new jersey governor chris christie and president obama visited pennsylvania, urging people to get out, and vote. president obama and tom wolf held a campaign event at temple university's campus to give tom wolf one final push before people head to the polls. then democratic candidate is hoping to beat out incumbent tom corbett, obama told a crowd of hundreds that wolf is a practical, successful businessman who understands
4:34 am
the economy with focus on the middle class and who understands the importance of education. >> go to i will, find out where your polling place is and take your people, your friends, your neighbors to the polls. and when you do make sure they vote for tom wolf. let me tell you why, let me tell you why, first of all, tom is just a nice guy. you can tell he is a sincere person. he is not a professional politician. he is somebody that knows how to create jobs, knows how to start a business and knows how to serve the public, he is in it for the right reasons. you know he will do a good job. >> reporter: republican governor tom corbett had a big take yesterday campaigning with some help from new jersey governor chris christie throughout the pennsylvania suburbs. this event was held in ivyland bucks county, christie said that the governor has done a
4:35 am
lot for the state in terms of jobs and affordable taxes and as the people have of pennsylvania to return the favor by reelecting him as governor. >> no person deserves the governorship of this great state when they are willing to lie to get it and that is exactly what his opponent has done for this entire campaign toys lie about tom corbett and lie about his record on education and let me tell you everybody, if the state of pennsylvania wants someone with honesty, integrity is there only one choice, tom corbett. >> reporter: lots of momentum going into tomorrow's election, kerry and chris. >> we will see what happens, jenny, thank you. we have some good news and, of course some bad news following the eagles game. we will start with the good news. that is what we do. >> yeah, they won the game that is the very good news they were favorite going in to next week. bad news is on that tackle nick foles went out with a
4:36 am
broken collar bone. mark sanchez came in and looked great, so we will talk about that coming up in sports in a minute. demekentucky ryans went down one of our top defensive players. there is a lot of questions about that surface they play on in houston. and, jeremy maclin has been phenomenon. enough with. that they won the game. mark sanchez looks good not only do we win 31-21. we are in first place in the nfc east as dallas lost. >> yes. >> mixed emotions on line after controversial opening mono log on saturday night live, chris rock takes on 9/11 and boston marathon bombings. what do you think about this. we will show it to you coming
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a well known mummer and his daughter, charged in an attack against a home less man in queen village. police say rita deamato beat that man with the bat. the attack was caught on surveillance video at second and carpenter. they recordly believed the the man was breaking into cars. they are both charged with aggravated assault. for second time in two days police say something dangerous has been found in a pennsylvania pennsylvania child's halloween candy, this time it happened in lower macungie township. thirty he lease say a teenager found a pin in the candy bar she got while trick or treating n word on who gave her that candy. lower macungie police are
4:40 am
warning parents to be on the look out for same darn things. police in the bucks county neighborhood are trying to figure out how a raiser blade ended up inside a 13 year-old candy bar. thirteen year-old boy found a blade after trick or treating. it was found in a snack sized nestle crunch bar. police are warning parents in that area to check their kids's candy. federal investigators are uncovering more details about friday's deadly spacecraft accident. >> officials a a device to slow virgin galactic's dissent prematurely deployed before the experimental spaceship exploded over california's mohave kes earth. one pilot died, another was injured. national transportation safety board says while no cause has been determined investigators found the feathering system was activated before the craft reached the a appropriate speed. tensions starting to ease in the latest ebola controversy, she squared off against the governors of maine and new jersey and now nurse
4:41 am
kacie hickox said we can all learn from her story. when she first came back from treating ebola patient from his sierra leone, hickox was forced in to quarantine in new jersey despite having no ebola symptoms. after getting push back from the white house and the public, governor christie allowed her to go home to maine where authorities there also tried to force her to honor that 21 day quarantine. judge ruled on friday 245 hickox can come and go a as she pleases but she has to machine for her health daily. on nbc's meet the press yet, hickox says everyone can relax. >> we know a lot about ebola. we have been researching this disease for 38 years since it first appearance in africa and we know how it is, the infection is transmitted from person to person. we know it is not transmitted from someone hoist asymptomatic as i am and many others will be when they return. >> hick ox said she will
4:42 am
respect the wishes of town residents and avoid leaving for rest of her incubation period which end november 10th. a five-year old or i should say five month-old boy has to wear a helmet all the time because of hi disorder but parents tea side to make it more fun. how they are helping us pay it forward. and then our bob kelly is watching the roads for us. >> good morning everybody. 4:42 on a monday. we are looking live at i-95 right here near girard. so far so good from the gang out of the northeast.
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talk about your blustery days, yesterday was windy. we had wind gusts as high as 50 miles an hour. happy to report things have calmed down but it is a a very chilly start thanks to clear skies. we have a freeze warning in effect in lancaster county. lets check some temperatures up in mount pocono, it is 33 degrees. look at lehigh ton only 26 right now. 33 degrees in allentown. moving down to philadelphia it is 38. forty in limerick. bensalem 39 degrees in chester, delco. forty-one bridgeton. 46 degrees in cape may. this is one of the chilliest morning we have had so far this season. happily the wind have calmed down. still 13 miles an hour out of the west out of lancaster and 9 miles an hour winds in philadelphia we will see wind shift to the southwest and that means it will be milder, then it was yesterday. we started off wet over the
4:46 am
weekend. it was sat take with all that rain. 52 degrees. and then 49 with all that rain yesterday. look at where we are headed today. 58 degrees is our high. sunny and milder tomorrow, 68 degrees, but a bit of the roller coaster ride as we go through the rest of the seven day forecast. in excuse not to vote tomorrow because of that 68 degrees temperature and our next chance of rain is not until next thursday into friday morning, and we do dry out over the weekend but it is chillier with temperatures in the low to mid 50's saturday and sunday. that is your seven day forecast from the weather authority, where are we looking at right new bob kelly. >> in the bad at all, quiet. 4:46 on a monday morning. live look behind me here i-95 in the construction zone near girard avenue. no problems out of northeast philadelphia into downtown. so far so good on a monday morning but watch out, the schuylkill expressway on ramp from spring garden street here in center city right behind the art museum. that on ramp is block.
4:47 am
you have to look up with the girard avenue on ramp or use vine street expressway heading outbound this morning for the couple weeks. we are in good shape. 55 miles an her down i-95. no problems on the schuylkill or blue route this morning. we are off to a nice quiet start but crews have been busy working overnight in the roosevelt boulevard as part of the least paving project and they are slowly but sure liz working their way up to woodhaven road, construction crews in that inner drive. bridges looking finest specially ben franklin. patco no problems. mass transit no strikes. buses trains and trolleys are running with in reported delays. chris and kerry back to you. 4:47. new report from the united nations sounding the alarm of the negative impact of climate change. panel says time is running out for world leaders to take action. according to this panel global warming is happening and it is almost entirely fault of humans. u.s. latest report is calling fore limb nation of all
4:48 am
greenhouse gas emotions by the end of this century. one of the biggest concerns listed in that report of climate change is on the whole world food supply. it comes as u.n. is attempting to work out a new treat toy limit greenhouse gas emotions. world leaders will discuss that treat any 2015. okay. 4:48. we have introduced you to this fishtown this weekend on the fox 29 news. here he is right here. he was handing out kind on halloween and turned his back for a few moments and that is when someone stole his wheelchair. thanks to the fox 29 viewers this story has a happy ending. sabina kuriakose explains how one local family is paying it forward. >> reporter: this is the moment when mike maur got his
4:49 am
mobility back. >> you can understand why he might be skeptical, we first met mike the day after halloween, when his wheelchair was heartlessly stolen from his fishtown home, front stoop as he handed out candy to trick or treaters. >> i was giving out candy. i came out. people were here. my chair was here. it is not here anymore. >> reporter: without money and means to buy another wheelchair mike was unable to get around. >> i have no legs. how willie get around. >> reporter: our amazing, fox 29 viewers. after mike's story aired we had a dozen people get in touch with us wanting to help him out, one of those people, the subject of another getting results story from a few years ago, she says that she wants to pay it forward. >> that was a perfect opportunity to give back. >> reporter: heather pinko is a single mom. her son dominic's wheelchair was stolen three years ago along with the family's christmas present. back then she called us and bruce gordon got results.
4:50 am
>> seventh street medical actually donated the the wheelchair for us, and we use it all the time. >> reporter: this time even dominic wanted to give back. >> are you happy? yeah. >> reporter: moment heather delivered dominic's extra wheelchair to mike, pure goodness, two strangers, bonding over one simple act of the kindness. >> you have tears in your eyes. >> i do, i'm trying to hold them in. i didn't expect a response like this i didn't. >> reporter: mike and heather not only ones to be moved. we were pretty blown away by this moment too. >> thank you for calling, offering to do this. >> i feel great. thanks to you guys, thanks to fox 29. you gave me something i could in the do for myself right now. >> reporter: thank you to our viewers for always making a difference. a sabina kuriakose, fox 29 news. >> well said, sabina and
4:51 am
somebody did find mike's wheelchair and got it back last night. it was heavily damage. who does this stuff. they are in the sure how it got damaged so mike says he is grateful for heather's donation nonetheless. >> very cool. 4:51. celebrities were out in full force showing off their costumes, lets take a lot at big ones, kerry. >> beyonce's costume was a tribute to pop royalty, she dressed as janet jackson and her daughter blue ivy was dressed like michael jackson. taylor swift getting in holiday spirit by dressing as a mythical horse, she posted this photo on instagram with the caption, cause darling on the night mayor i'm dressed lying a pegacorn. >> yes. >> it is a play on the lyrics of her song blank space. >> okay. >> awesome. >> i actually like it. you have in idea. we will listen to it later. anyhow, a recent dis by snoop dog or lion whatever he
4:52 am
calls himself now as inspiration for her costume. she dressed as a character from the have movie white chicks. you may remember that last month snoop and iggy got in a heated social media war over a photo that he posted of her without make up comparing her to one of the character in that flick. >> um-hmm. >> chris rock heading back to snl over weekend. comedian tackled very heavy subjects during his machine owe log. >> he tackled 9/11 and boston marathon bombings. >> people come on don't joke about the twin towers it has something to do with the 9/11. i'm not. but you have to realize in america, in an america there are no sacred days because we commercialized everything. we're only five years from 9/11 sales. that is right you will hear it on the radio, come down to red lobster these shrimp or $9.11 good mono log was device i have monk some viewers and of
4:53 am
course spark a debate on twitter and facebook. >> interesting. >> yes. >> i don't know what to say about that. >> i think a lot of people were trying to weigh that back and forth. >> five month-old boy stuck wearing a helmet all the time because of the health disorder but a good samaritan stepped into make it more fun
4:54 am
4:55 am
4:56 am
a tattoo artist in ohio, paying it forward, helping out a five month-old boy with a very rare disease. >> so, he suffers from a problem which causes flat spots on his head, so now he hads to wear special cranial helmets for seven months, 23 hours a day, seven days a week. the family was looking for an artist to customize, his helmet so they posted an ad on line when tattoo artist greg chadwick came forward and gave them a great offer. >> i contacted lauren and matt sane said would i like to do it, in charge, don't worry about it, just pay it for, just do something nice for somebody down the road when you can. >> this guy is awesome. he spent american 12 hours your brush his cranial hell meant to look like an aviator helmet, complete with goggles and his name on the back.
4:57 am
artist usually gets a hundred dollars an hour for his work but for this boy, it was all free. >> i love that. >> that is neat. >> it is 4:57 right now. beautiful woman advocating for a more widespread death with dignity act has taken her own life. we talk about this story tentatively on good day what brittany maynard had to say moments before pass ago way. moms and dad listen up, who is better at baby talk. answer isn't that surprising but difference between mom and dad's response may not be what you are
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get a free quote at good morning, fears of ebola getting closer to home. where some local resident are being monday forward for that deadly disease. eagles soared to victory but how will they recover after nick foles suffers a serious injury, not to mention tea meco ryans. when foles was supposed to be back and how that could affect the rest of the season. we will look at that with big daddy gram in this hour. tracking windy weather yet again, sue. >> wow, it was windy on sunday, will it calm down to day, and will we have a bit of the warm up in the forecast, answering all of those questions, coming up. >> i hope my family is still proud of me...


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